Our story

Why SkillzTrader?

The idea was simple: imagine if people around you who need your skills or expertise could instantly find you on their mobile phone?

We make your expertise and work experience visible to others and effortlessly connect you with those who need them: easily, quickly and cheaply. SkillzTrader is a place where people can advertise their skills, find work and earn. It is also a place where people can find anyone to do any job they need done.

Aims and objectives

Promoting small businesses and especially SMME's is key to economic growth. And that is precisely what SkillzTrader is all about. There is a massive pool of skilled people all over the world who have businesses selling their skillz, services or products to create income. Equally, people all over the world are looking for these skillz. SklllzTrader offers a mobile platform that enables interaction between these people at the touch of a button. Super fast, Super smart and Super safe.


To be the largest global digital skills platform for people who possess specific, critical, scarce or lost skills and who are willing to contribute to make a difference for themselves and to the economy of their country.


To provide a reputable GPS based mobile network which mobilises people to make their expertise and work experience visible and available, enabling them to connect and to communicate directly in real time with those who are looking for their specific skills or services.

SkillzTrader is an influencer, offering an effective skills network for the old and the new generation to launch their businesses or careers anywhere in the world. These are the very people who will be providing the millions of jobs required to reduce global unemployment.

SkillzTrader promotes unity of purpose through good work ethics, responsibility, accountability, integrity, honesty, respect and punctuality and connects like-minded people.